Meet the Charnwood Sisters

Glenn and Alison Charnwood come from Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire.

When anyone asks for a thumbnail sketch of who they are, the easiest answer is: “Think of Morecambe and Wise as twenty-something women from a semi-rustic background, and you won’t be too far off the mark.”

Older sister, Glenn (Glenys the Menace) is an irrepressible rogue: smiley, huggy, attention-seeking and cheerfully manipulative, but essentially harmless. When not telling tall tales, she’s interrupting Alison’s lectures and speeches.

Glenn often finds herself being coerced into “doing stuff that nobody else wants to do,” and is invariably co-opted to assist with Alison’s lectures, or persuaded to accompany her on social visits. Glenn’s contribution to Alison’s activities and outings is highly erratic, and can vary from saving the day to being more of a hindrance than a help.

Younger sister, Alison is businesslike, conventional and takes life seriously. She stoically tolerates Glenn’s persistent teasing and interference.

Alison’s main interest is talking about current affairs and heritage issues, although she rarely gets the chance to do this without Glenn’s assistance becoming more high profile than planned, or more interventionist than originally envisaged.

The sisters are inseparable. They can’t live with each other but can’t live without one another.